This is a small selection of the logos I've created and brands that I've helped to build.

There's a story and an idea behind each and every one.

If your brand and your logo MEAN something, it gives people a reason to remember you.

That's great marketing, and that's how you grow.



No. Fucking. Dots!

They didn't actually say that, but it's the feeling I got from our first conversation.

When you think Braille, you think dots. So every sodding Braille-related company has them. We needed something different. Something unique. Something that would stand out.

So, I flipped the perspective.

How does a blind person see? Simple, they see through TOUCH.

Once I realised this, it was easy. I created a logo that represents their fingers, feeling the information they need to know.

It's tactile. It's human... And shiiiiiit! It makes up a letter B too!

God, I even impress myself sometimes.



There's always some fucker trying to steal from you. And now, they're at it again. If you invest in Google adwords, it's almost certain that some of your clicks are being stolen.

Don't worry, though... That's where PPC Protect step in! They've made some amazing software that reduces click-fraud to almost ZERO.

So, to get this idea across I created a brand based around the idea of PROTECTION.

The icon is a simple Viking helmet, blended with a downward clicking arrow. We're at war, so you better come armed!

And now, as they grow (rapidly), I'm working with them to create all manner of Viking-related illustrations and icons to give the brand a REAL voice.

Down with thee, click stealing bastards!



I don't like Wolves. The football team I mean, not the animal.

I hate Wolverhampton Wanderers so much, that for this logo, I set myself the challenge of making sure it was better than their 'iconic' club badge. Reckon I got it covered.

Now, Wolf are a digital marketing agency who focus (almost entirely) on creating websites and digital campaigns for sports and leisure brands.

To make their brand 'fit' in this space, I wanted to create something 'wearable'. Their customers are a fashion-conscious bunch, so it had to look 'cool' on a t-shirt.

The icon has a sneakily-hidden W in the neck fur at the bottom, and the typeface is totally bespoke, made from the same isometric grid as the symbol.

It looks belting at tiny sizes too.



Fais is a cool bloke. He's creating a community of people who want to better themselves in three key ares of their life. Health, wealth and happiness.

And he's got one hell of a story.... He re-built his life after witnessing those rotten attacks in Nice in 2016. It took hitting rock-fucking-bottom for him to feel empowered enough to make big changes in his life. Now he wants to help others do the same.

I created a bespoke logotype (the letter F has Fais' initials contained within, FR - if you look closely). And the supporting icons for his sub-brands follow the strict grid system which his lettering is built from.



Maybe it's the Law of Attraction? Maybe it's just a coincidence? I dunno. But somehow, I was actually PAID to make a logo for a cannabis delivery company.

Unfortunately for me, they were in LA. And our government are dicks, so I can't use it. But I can at least help other people get the medication they need, so I'll take that, for now.

Anyway, the 'guys' at Budsy wanted a brand that appealed to the cultured stoner. More Russel brand than Snoop Dogg, no offence Snoop.

I created a mark based around the Flower of Life (from sacred geometry). It has repeated cannabis leaves within, which represent places on a map that Budsy can deliver to.

My dad says this is my best logo. Says more about him, than me.



Shaun has been a geek since way before it was cool. He was getting paid for making websites before most people had even heard that horrible modem 'dialling up' noise.

So, he wanted a brand to reflect this, and more importantly, to show where he was headed.

I created a symbol that combines glasses, an infinity loop and the initials DG. It's flowing and seamless, just like his code. And it looks like a modern digital brand should.

Now Shuan LOOKS as cool as he's always been.



I met Ivan at an event I ran in Manchester. It was for start-up type people, and he had a really cool one.

In a nutshell, he goes into big powerstations, and places that make clean, re-newable energy, then he puts in some fancy software that makes everything loads more efficient.

The challenge we faced was to create a brand that felt clean, friendly and technical at the same time.

I created a mark based around a letter A, but also brought through a 'wave' to suggest energy and power. At the centre of the shape, in the negative space, is a hidden lightning bolt. Power is at the heart of everything they do.

More power, cleaner power, and a better world. I buy into that.



I'd been talking to Simon for a bit on Twitter about some complicated robot thingy he was making, just for fun. I love seeing people's enthusiasm about stuff that goes right over my head. The world needs more Simons.

So with his personal brand (which would later evolve into a full software-house), I wanted to capture where his enthusiasm was born. And apparently, it stemmed from the old Commodore and Spectrum games he'd play (and try to make) as a child.

I told his story from today (that of the renegade), in the 'visual voice' of 70's and 80's video game producers. It's modern-retro. It's clunky and child-like. And it works perfectly.



Managing tennants is a ball-ache, apparently. And the more properties you manage, the more testicular suffering there will be.

The team at Savvier Landlord target people who let the more desirable properties. So, they've got a few quid. The challenge was to create a brand that felt trustworthy and familiar to this audience. It had to feel like Mercedes and Waitrose, not Vauxhall and Asda.

I made a symbol that looks like a key, but it's also got the letters 'S' and 'L' in there. It is formal, but clever. Striking, but simple. Just like it should be.



Tape measures won't be around for much longer. Not with the technology we have available in our pockets, pretty much all the time.

The clever folks at moasure have created an app that transforms your phone into a handy measuring tool, which can do distance, angles and loads of other cool stuff.

They wanted to show the world there was a new, easier way of doing something old. That was my task.

Using markings from a ruler, and highlighting three of them to depict an M, I created a distinctive logo that tells the story of the product. Targetting specifically males, who regularly do DIY type tasks. The feeling of the logo is masculine and technical.



Sometimes, just sometimes, a logo can change your life. This one did.

Sophie had been on my mailing list for a while, and we'd interacted a bit on the socials... So when the time came for her to launch a business, I was the guy she thought of.

She had an amazing idea for the name... But unfortunately, she had a terrible idea for a logo. I said 'Don't worry, love. Leave it with me'. And after a while battling to come up with anything decent, I saw some rubber gloves while buying beers in Tesco, and in that moment, the logo was born.

It had to be simple, memorable, but most importantly, funny. I think we nailed that. And now, a few years on, she's the future Mrs Logo Boy. All from a logo.