You need a logo, maybe you need more? You also need to decide if I'm the man to do this for you.

The fact that you've read this far, means you've more than likely dismissed Fiverr, and those joke-ass 'crowd sourcing' websites. By doing this, you've earned my respect. I'm almost ready to put some trousers on so we can have a chat on Skype.

the story so far

You've read what I've got to say, and seen some of my work.

Did the words I've typed make you think, 'Shit, this lad knows what he's talking about'?

Did the logos I've made, and stories that go with them make you pay attention?

Do they convey a message or emotion, but remain simple enough to stick in your mind?

That's what I aim to do.

This is a big decision because you're deciding if I will create the face of your business. The one thing people picture in their minds when they hear your name. So you need to be sure that this picture is the right one.

But the most important thing that the person you choose needs to do, is to listen. Because they need to understand what makes you unique, what you're trying to say, and who you're trying to say this to, before they can attempt to represent this in the form of a symbol.

I've been doing this for a long time, with folks all over the globe, and I've got the process pretty much nailed down.

Read how it works below. Put yourself in the picture and see if it feels like a way you'd want to work.

If it does, click the BIG BLUE BUTTON and we can start.

how we will work together

Before we talk, I need you to fill in this short form, because I need to prepare the right questions to ask you.

On the call I'm going to try and get some key information from you. I want to know about you, your story, why you're doing what you do and where you see yourself in the future. I want to know about your customer, what makes them tick, and how we can position your brand so that it makes an impact in their world.

We have a conversation to find out if we're on the same page and so that I can make sure we have a common goal for the project.

Also, we'll talk money, and I'll explain how the process moves forwards.


Once you decide to go ahead, you pay an agreed deposit. I outline my understanding of the project and goals (in writing) and my 'deep thinking and research' phase starts. I immerse myself in your customers world. I analyse the buying options they have so i can work out how we can position your brand to get maximum impact. 

At the end of this, I send you over a PDF moodboard which shows things that could be used for inspiration. I'll often do competitor analysis (if relevant), and loosely lay out some concepts we could explore. This is explained in far more detail on the call.


We speak again to discuss the PDF I sent over.

Our goal here, is to align your message with the people you're trying to speak to. Will the ideas I've shown you communicate the right message and emotion to your audience? I need to gain enough insight to be ready to start making visuals to show you.


This is my favourite bit. I get to draw shapes, and make them mean something.

The work I do for you is NOT measured by how much you like it, and especially not how much I like it. What matters is that we create something that will mean something to your customers.

A huge challenge in anything creative like this is wrestling with egos. The one that matters, the one that we pander to, is the ego of the person who might buy from you.

Everything we do goes back to them. Will they notice it? Will it speak to them? Will it fit in their world?

This is what I focus on when I'm creating a logo for you.

And finally...


I present the concepts to you and we discuss. We measure them against the criteria we outlined at the start of the project. Does it solve the problem? And does it move you closer to your goal?

We iterate and evolve these concepts until an finished solution is reached. Sometimes we do this first time, other times it takes some fiddling. But I'm here to guide you through the process, and more than anything else, make it fun.

Once we nail it, you pay the remainder of your bill and I release the deliverables so you can show it to the world.

You'll have a logo that means something. One that people comment on and ask you about.

You ready to start yet? Click the button below and I'll be in touch.