Q: How much do you charge for a logo?
A: My fee is £99. First you pay a £50 deposit, and once you are happy just pay the remaining £49 and I will send over the logo in JPEG, EPS and PDF formats.

Q: How many design options do you provide?
A: For £99 I provide one option and also include two rounds of amendments to get the design finalised.

Q: One option? Why is that?
A: Although my logos are at the cheaper end of the market, the quality shows that I put all my energy into best solving your design problem. Companies who provide multiple design options for budget logo design cannot be providing the BEST SOLUTIONS. Their focus is on quantity rather than quality. I will design for AT LEAST THREE HOURS or until I am proud to put my name to the design. This singularity of focus is evident in my portfolio. I create designs that encapsulate the ethos and tone-of-voice of your brand.

Q: Can you design me several options?
A: Of course. You will need to pay for each option though (£50 per idea). Once you have chosen one of the designs and are completely happy, pay the final £49 and I'll send over the final files.

Q: Will I own the design?
A: Yes, once the final payment is made you will have complete ownership of the logo.

Q: How many designers work for Super Cheap Logos?
A: Super Cheap Logos is one man. This is how I can keep the quality high and the price low.

Q: What experience do you have?
A: I graduated from University (in England) in 2005. Since then I've worked at a leading design agency handling accounts across a wide range of sectors. I regularly manage multi-channel advertising campaigns worth tens of thousands of pounds and work with national brands, some of whom turn over approaching £100m per year.

Q: Have you had your work published anywhere prestigious?
A: It's funny you should mention that, as a matter of a fact, I have. My logos have been featured in both Dos Logos and Tres Logos, two global compendiums featuring the best in current logo design.

Q: Where is Super Cheap Logos based?
A: Super Cheap Logos is based near Manchester in the north of the UK. But I've provided work to clients all over the world, (4 continents so far). So, if you're based in Africa, Antarctica or South America, I'd love to work with you!

Q: Can I pay for my logo with Bitcoin?
A: Yes you can. But as the price fluctuates quite dramatically, I will need you to email me first. The price may be less than advertised on here, so you could pick up a bargain. I always try to keep the Bitcoin price cheaper than the equivalent in GBP anyway to help support this emerging economy.

Q: Tell me more about why you only provide one design option...
A: When Paul Rand was approached by Steve Jobs, there was a similar conversation. Obviously, most people will not have budgets akin to Mr. Jobs, but I always strive to learn from the best. Paul said "I will solve your problem, and you will pay me"... This clarity and openness helped to form a great creative partnership between the two men. Also, I'm reminded of an old Russian proverb; 'When you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one'... Good things come when you focus energy and attention on one thing. I took this model for Super Cheap Logos. One product. One price. And hopefully, great logos!

Q: £20 for 30 minutes amendments, why is that?
A: Like I say, I will include up to 2 rounds of changes within the £99 fee. This is plenty of time to make changes of colour, proportion, hierarchy and simple typographic adjustments (because I work super-quick)! It's rare that customers end up spending any more. I simply use this as a way to allow me to stay focussed on delivering high quality work... Imagine working with a company who offers 'unlimited revisions' and getting to the twelfth set of changes. Do you seriously think their heart is still in it? I somehow doubt it.

Q: Can we discuss my project on Skype?
A: Yes, I am happy to give a FREE 10 minute consultation once the deposit has been paid. This is to protect me from time-wasters and people who are just trying to pinch ideas.

Q: Do you offer anything else, other than logos?
A: I do, but this website is purely about logos. I can design for web, print and can quote on projects on an individual basis. Simply email me your requirements and I'll get in touch as soon as I can.