Ideas are the lifeblood of my business.

I live or die by my ability to constantly produce them, and good ones at that.

A part of me always worries that I'm going to run out of them eventually. That's pretty silly though.

The brain, or the part of it that comes up with ideas is like any other muscle.

Use it often and it will get stronger.

James Altucher talks about forcing yourself to have 10 ideas every day.

Do this at the start of the day and just write a list of 10 ways you could solve a particular problem.

It could be a real or made-up... It really doesn't matter. It's the act of doing that is important.

The first 3 or 4 are generally quite easy. After that though it gets a lot tougher.

I find this engages my brain in a type of deep thinking and it always surprises me how often ideas 8, 9 or 10 end up being the strongest ones... Even though they're the most difficult to find.

The 'doing something every day' system is something I am applying to several areas of my life and am seeing really good results.

I blog every day, do the same workout routine every morning, meditate straight after exercising then eat a green smoothie after that. Stacking habits on top of habits. Building systems that are designed to make positive change.

You are the sum total of the things you do on a regular basis.

Having more ideas simply helps you have better ideas.

So give your brain a workout every morning and see your creativity soar!