I was checking my online banking this morning and noticed that Meetup.com had taken around $90 out for a 6 month subscription.

This is one direct debit I DO NOT mind seeing due to the ridiculous value it gives me.

It's the social network that hardly anybody speaks about, but for me it has been pivotal in building my business and developing great connections and friendships.

I use it for a book club (which I've run for over 3 years now) and a Startup Discussion Group... Both have brought awesome connections and paying business.

The reason for this blog post though is that seeing the Meetup money come from my bank got me thinking about my book club.

Some of the smartest people I know attend regularly and I feel it pushes me to increase my knowledge and improve the way I think.

Being in a room with smart people pretty much guarantees that you'll get called out on any bullshit, so it keeps you on top of your game.

One thing that I've noticed about wise people is that they are quick to say when they don't know something.

If you observe most other people though, they're quick to form definite opinions on areas where they have barely any facts.

Warren Buffett says that if you can't argue the opposite side to your argument better than your opponent, then you're not entitled to an opinion.

Powerful words.

Joining Meetup (as an organiser) has allowed me to create environments where the people I want to speak to come to me!

There's more to life than Game of Thrones and Pokemon Go... Push yourself to meet new people... Search for your interests on Meetup.com and find people close to you who you can actually speak to. 

You can use it to learn, to teach or simply to socialise.

To me, this is REAL social media.