I don't know about you, but I'm fed up of being told to 'hustle'.

I'm not even sure if most people even know what that means. I don't reckon I do.

According to many motivational entrepreneurs, it means back-to-back meetings all day and constant online interactivity.

Great, I know what NOT to strive for then.

I can't think past the fact that humans have only been dealing with this intensity of connectivity for a century or two.

Before that, we were knocking about in small tribes, flogging chickens and stitching sacks.

This is the greatest change in any species that has ever existed.

We're at the forefront of being able to simulate the very thing that separates us from all other lifeforms - consciousness.

When we do that, fuck knows what will happen.

So, the point I'm trying to get to is that maybe we're going in the wrong direction.

It feels like we've made a random dash into a direction that is making us depressed, obese, anxious and hating one another.

Chasing material gain, lust, attention and external validation may not be the answer.

Doesn't feel like to me anyway.

But this is only an observation.

I don't claim to know the solution.