Twitter is losing now for one big reason.


I refresh my feed and struggle to find people to actually talk to. It's a tiny percentage of people who are open to converse.

We're all sharing content, hoping to be found.

But we aren't appearing open and receptive to an approach.

That's why I am putting the more and more of my time into Snapchat at the moment.

I open the app and put something out there.

The response rate is far, far higher even though I have a TINY FRACTION of the followers that I do on Twitter.

That's insane!

And every snap I view of other people's stories takes me DEEP INTO THEIR WORLD.

I see their face and hear their voice.

The nuances of communication come across in high definition.

I have a direct snapshot of another life in an often distant land.

It's amazing how quickly strangers become friends this way.

And that's what it's all about.

Making strangers into friends.

I'll leave it at that.

Here's my right hook: Hit me up on Snapchat... Say hi, let's talk. And if you want to be a total legend, share this post and encourage others to follow me on there.

I follow back and engage with everyone who interacts.