The short answer is that it probably never will be.

Planets don't align, savings don't build up on their own... Time ticks by and nobody will do it for you.

A couple of years ago I decided to start investing just a little bit of time in my own development.

Read a few more books.

Listen to podcasts rather than playlists on Spotify.

Watch educational YouTube videos rather than 'bully gets owned' clips on World Star Hip Hop.

But then when it was time to execute, I cut it all back.

Consuming content was wasted time.

When you're not working on billable projects, you need to be invoicing, networking and marketing.

You're a brand 24/7 now. And it's exhausting, but fun.

So, when should you start?

The shitty answer is 'yesterday'... But I had to really hate my daily routine before I did anything.

I was bored for a couple of years, but I had to really hate it before doing anything.

My biggest regret is being trapped in boredom.

Trapped in comfort.

The money was easy to earn, but it wasn't pushing me.

If it's time for you, you'll know. It'll just hit you one morning.

It did with me.