I've split this down into 3 things that I think are really important to consider.

3 things, that if you you use these correctly, will make sure you focus your attention on the areas that will help you to make a logo that will stand out and get noticed.

I've got quite a traditional outlook on how logos should be done.

I think there are fundamental rules that will help us to make icons and symbols that will influence the thoughts and opinions of the people we are targetting.

So, let's think about the principles that make a good logo.


1. It should be simple

Really, really simple.

Our lives are becoming more and more complicated.

Our attention is battled for.

To get noticed, we need to be strategic.

Speaking to 'everyone' will get nobody's attention.

Define a demographic and tailor your content to their needs and expectations.

The more specific the better.


2. It should mean something.

It should say something about you.

Because, you don't remember eveyone you meet in life.

But if someone's got a story, it helps.

Like Jerry, the chap with one eye, who used to sit under the dart board in the pub.

We remember Jerry, don't we?

He had something to remember him by.

Your brand should have that too.


3. It should work well at large and small sizes.

Think about Google's rebrand last year.

It was due to their logo not performing at small sizes on moblile devices.

That's where people see it the most. So they fixed it.

Think about how your brand is being found.

Then think about the best way to portray your message in the place where people are looking for you.

Other than these three principles, anything else is fair game.

Explore, create and experiment.

There aren't too many rules.

But these three are pretty sacred.