Marketing is simple.... But it's not easy. It's important to make that distinction.

It's showing people you are there. It's being clear about what you do, how you can help and what problems you can solve.

Some businesses get it very wrong, though. Instead of looking how successful companies do things, they cheapen their brand with low-value (and often desperate) attempts at getting attention.

Marketing isn't:
- Spamming people and 'making noise'
- Offering no up-front value
- Special gimmicky offers and discounts
- Making unrealistic / false promises

Modern brands have realised that they must give value FIRST these days.

Customer service is something that happens BEFORE the sale, not just during or after. So building up trust with your audience should be your primary concern.

You can do this by treating your potential customers like a valued community and rewarding their attention with value.

It shows that you're credible, that you know what you're talking about and that you're here for the long-game.

This is what marketing has become.

Attention spans are fleeting, so you really need to focus your energy to earn the right to sell.

Content is king, and the consumer knows this.

The big question is, do you?