Do you know where you're heading?

I mean, really. Do you know where the focus of your energy is actually taking you and your brand?

I've been thinking a lot about this the last couple of days as I'm about to launch a couple of new services to my clients. I'm not ready to actually talk about them here, yet... But 'focus' and 'energy' are two key components in a topic I want to talk about today - Brand consistency.

Your brand is the sum total of your customers' experiences with you

'Brand consistency' can mean many things. It can be 'tone of voice', use of colour, key messaging and how you interact with your audience. I think people get overly focused on the visual aspect of branding and neglect to zoom-out and think of the bigger picture.

I reckon there are two key questions that you should keep in mind whenever you're producing content.

1. Is this moving me and my brand closer to MY definition of success?


2. Is this moving my customer and THEIR BRAND closer to THEIR definition of success?

For the first part of this year, I focused almost entirely on my own goals and my definition of success. It allowed me to pursue the kind of work I thought I wanted to do, but by neglecting the second question, I was leaving opportunity on the table.

I now believe that the best strategy is to find the cross-section where what I am good at meets what my client is looking for. The bigger the problems I can solve for my client, and the closer I can move them to their goals, the higher my value is.

This mindset shift is huge. Your value is directly proportional to the difficulty of the problems you can solve.

By demonstrating to your audience that their goals are your goals, you will build trust and start to position yourself as an investment, rather than a cost. 

You should talk about what you do in terms of the success you can deliver... This is what your client is looking for. Remember, nobody wants a personal trainer, they want to be in great shape. 

Describe the problems you can solve and the wins you will help to achieve.

The key takeaway here is to focus on what your customers are focused on, THEIR goals become your goals, and their wins become the fuel to drive your business forwards.