I was catching up on some SnapChat stories this morning stumbled across a bit of a rant from John Lee Dumas.

If you don't know him, do yourself a favour and follow him on every channel you can - He delivers real, thought-provoking value every single day.

But anyway, the rant today struck a chord with me.

It's something I've kind of been thinking myself, but have never been able to put into a proper idea that can be communicated, if that makes sense.

It's a simple, but vital shift of focus.

Most people are seeking success, but this is an abstract concept.

What constitutes success today, will likely not be good enough in a few weeks/months/years time.

The goalposts move along with our expectations.

The answer is to shift your focus from seeking success to providing as much value as possible.

And do this in every interaction.

Phone calls, face-to-face meetings... Whenever you can (IF you can) give value.

In a world where the majority of people are looking at what they can get from a situation... You will stand out by your determination to give.

This is content marketing in a way... But the concept has been extended to beyond blogging, podcasting and the rest.

Start your day with a hunger to give value, and I believe you'll soon start to see value being returned your way.

But yeah, anyway... Follow John Lee Dumas on the socials. He knows what he's talking about.