I read this article this morning that was talking about 'de-branding' and it really got me thinking.

I believe it shows an interesting shift in how consumers are responding to branded content.

I was talking about this a couple of weeks ago with a chap in the studio where I work.

The example we were discussing was Leicester City's twitter account.

Images 'borrowed' from the official Leicester City Twitter account - twitter.com/lcfc

Images 'borrowed' from the official Leicester City Twitter account - twitter.com/lcfc

Every image has this garish gold frame around, cross promoting other social platforms... But it's the brutal blue overlay that kills it for me.

It's so heavy-handed and awkward. It literally takes the soul away from the image.

Their goal isn't to share content, it's to hit home the brand at every opportunity.

It stands out, but for all the wrong reasons.

My takeaway from this is very simple.

If your focus is on content, then people will find what you do, and probably share it too if it has value.

Remember, your audience is made up of people who are immersed in social media for large portions of their day. They're a savvy bunch.

They know how to find you on Instagram and Twitter if you are there. An occasional reference is all you need, or link in your bio if you must.

If they care enough, they'll find your other accounts, don't worry.

Brashly branding your content is not only time-consuming, but it actually detracts from your message.

So, turn the volume DOWN on your branding and UP on the value you are delivering.

You'll have no trouble being found this way.