I've been thinking a lot about timing and schedules this last week... And I've descided to mix things up a bit. What I'm doing now isn't working as well as I want it to.

I've been writing on this blog every day now for over 30 days... It feels like a habit now, rather than a chore.

But there's still been times when I've been writing after 11pm at night... I can do better than that.

So, I've decided to switch it up and make writing the first thing I do every day.

Get up, grab a coffee, look at my writing calendar then go.

Not having this on my mind throughout the day should help me to focus more fully on the other tasks I need to complete.

My routine before was really 'loose' and sporadic... I'm pretty sure more structure will improve things massively. For anyone who's nosy or weirdly interested, this is what I'm gonna do/did.

06:30 Get up and have a shower
07.00 Feed the cats, sort litter trays and make coffee
07:15 Sit down with coffee and start to write this blog post
08:15 Go swimming
09:30 Check emails and schedule a few tweets for the day
10:00-12:00 Task one: Concept development/research for a new logo project
12:00-13:00 Lunch and watch some training videos on Skillshare
13:00-15:00 Task 2: Finish exhibition stand graphics and send to print
15:00-15:30 Social media check-in... Send emails. See what's going on online
15:30-16:00 Short break. LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter etc.
16:00-18:00 Task 3: Time allocated for revisions to ongoing client work
18:00-18:30 Work on 40 second presentation for Tuesday's networking meeting
18:30-19:00 Final email and social media check.
19:00-19:30 Plan work / essential tasks for Tuesday and rest of the week

I'm determined to stick to the deadline of not working past 7:30pm.

Balance is everything and my brain is crying out for some down-time.

So, how strictly do you plan your routine?

Do you get vital tasks out of the way first? Or do you find yourself procrastinating?

If you have any tips it would be awesome if you'd share them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. Have a mega week!