Super Logo Boy flew around the Sun

That's one way of looking at it. Another way is that I've been in business, for myself, for an entire year now.

I didn't starve and I didn't freeze to death... It was hard, but it was bloody worth it.

The idea of today's post is to reflect a little on what I've learned and that thank a few people who have been a massive help. 

You can own your day

I started the year with the idea of carpe diem (seize the day) in my head. This is no new revelation, but I didn't realise how this idea was going to revolve and spin in my brain, and develop a whole new meaning (to me anyway).

Now I don't think of 'seizing the day'... I think of owning my day.

Let me explain.

I started by creating a morning routine that meant that I looked forward to waking up every single day. How simple an idea is that?

I wake up and feed the kitties... Then after that, it's 'me time'.

I drink awesome coffee. I meditate (for spiritual reasons, not because I saw it on a TED Talk)... I do my affirmations and try and prepare for the work I will be doing that day.

My only goal in the morning is to want to do what I have to do. Once you reach this point, a lot of things just seem to slide into place.

If you are in control of your day, then your weeks, months and years *should* look after themselves... That's my strategy anyway.

So, that's been my big takeaway... Take ownership of your day. Shape it and make it work for you... Because you can do, if you want it enough.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but it's better than clocking in and out.

And that's it.

Three hundred and sixty-five days. One lap of the sun... And I'm back where I started... In front of my laptop, talking to cool people and making logos.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here's some awesome humans who've helped me out.

So thank you...

Rach: For taking away every distraction and looking after me
Rick: For the fire
Katey: For improving my telephone manner
James: For the darts matches
Joe: For the music
Nicola: For improving my street vocabulary
Wayne: For beer and wisdom
Vicki: For forgiveness
Carl: For beard advice (and that curry)
Paula: For pushing me
Janet: For third eye cleansing
Sophie: For soul therapy
Kevin: For explaining the universe to me

Now... As Dre said: Back to work.