As much as I like cars and other such vehicles, walking to work is the best.

It's only takes ten mintues, but it's gets some air in the old lungs and gets the blood pumping.

Every day I try to take a slightly different route though the maze of terraced streets in the northern village where I live.

It almost certainly makes the walk longer than necessary, but not being a slave to time is what makes this part of the day so valuable.

Some days I practice mindful walking, others I'll listen to music or a podcast... But I always try to be locked in the moment, not worrying about the past or future... Just focussing on the journey and paying attention what's around me.

I think it helps to get my mind in a good place before starting any creative work.

I'm sure John Cleese has done a talk on this somewhere over on YouTube. It's probably worth going checking it out.