Hot on the heels of yesterday's post, today I want to tell you another way you can use the power of the crowd to influence customer behaviour.

Yesterday was all about testimonials - Telling your customers about a favourable experience they have had with you to show potential new customers that you can be trusted.

Today is about directing them to a specific action.

In the awesome book The Small BIG, there is a case study of how HMRC managed to increase the percentage of tax they collected (from what was owed) from 57% to 86% by adding ONE SENTENCE to the tax form.

They had previously tried all manner of different tactics to persuade people to pay on time; ranging from interest, charges and late fees all the way through to legal action.

In 2009 they contacted the company INFLUENCE AT WORK to assist with this problem.

One simple sentence change increased the amount of debt collected from £290million / £510million to well over £560million / £650million - Unbelievable, but true!

So, what did they say?

Well, all they did was (truthfully) inform people of how many people actually DID pay their tax bill on time. 

It's a classic case of social proof again.

The way people behave is hugely influenced by how other people they identify with behave also.

It goes back to the connection with the tribe and it is such a powerful idea.

But, how can you use this?

Well, there are many different ways.

One way I tell my clients is to explicitly tell their customer what the most popular or preferred product/service choice is... It's so simple!

Very often we are over-awed by the sheer number of possibilities, that being told what the majority of other (similar) people do, takes the cognitive stress out of the decision making process... Which will remove a potential barrier to the sale.

Another way you will have seen this applied is on Amazon with their 'Customers who bought this also bought...' up-selling system.

It works INCREDIBLY well.

Very often we leave money on the table by not offering relevant products or services to our customers.

They literally don't know they need what you do.... So tell them.

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A great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the science of persuasion is the book I mentioned above - The Small BIG'... You can pick it up here from Amazon.