In marketing, harnessing the human desire to belong to a tribe is a great way to persuade people to buy from you.

We have evolved to be a social animal; being ostracised from the tribe used to be a sure fire way to get yourself killed, luckily nowadays it's nowhere near as risky.

But we still have this psychological desire to fit in and 'belong'.

We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves so we look to the tribe for approval before we make important decisions.

Nowadays, those decisions mostly are what mostly trivial, like what to buy or where to go... But this is something that is ingrained in us on a very deep level.

So as marketers, we can utilise this very easily.

Using quality testimonials on your website will show your potential customers that you other people have had a good experience working with you. This is known a social proof.

The tribe has acknowledged you can be trusted, so others are more likely to follow their lead.

When requesting testimonials, you should try to give your client as much information as to the type of recommendation you would like.

Here's a few ideas for pointers you can use.

1. How much return did your client get on their investment?
If you can convince them to speak in terms on actual money, this is very powerful. Some people may not be comfortable doing this, but they may be happy to speak in terms of a percentage return.

2. What problems did you solve / overcome?
In most projects, there are problems that need to be solved. This very often gets overlooked. When a potential client reads that a project was challenging, but you managed to overcome it and still deliver great results, this is very powerful.

3. How much money did you save your client?
You can deliver value to your client in many different ways. Saving money is only one of them. But most people being loss-averse, will be delighted to hear that you've demonstrated the ability to save previous clients money. It shows you have THEIR interests at heart. You'll be positioning yourself as an investment.

So, the power of the crowd is enormous in marketing... Testimonials is only ONE way you can utilise this to increase your customer base and win better clients.

Later in the week I'll be looking at another way you can use 'group-think' to help your message to land.

Check back soon. And be good.