What you value naturally shifts as you get older.

I haven't been keeping tabs on what's important to me up until pretty recently. That's a slight regret.

My mid-to-late 20's were largely wasteful and indulgent... and I don't think I'd change it.

At the minute though, my focus is on work.

I'm thankful that I am able to earn a living doing something that I love.

And as I work for myself, I tend to work when I'm motivated and do what I feel like when I'm not.

It's got me thinking though. Once I cover the cost of living, and a little extra for fun and savings. What value is there working harder and harder?

I've realised the only thing I care about (other than family & friends obviously) is time.

Money's just culture tokens, and I'm a really cheap date.

Clothes and commodities don't interest me in the slightest... Much to the frustration of my saint of a wife.

So when I realised that the only thing I want more of, is something that is running out and I've no idea how much is left in the tank, I became more protective of it.

I am granting myself permission to be selfish with my time.

Taking time every day to write this blog has no current correlation to my earnings... But I'm thinking more long-term.

Writing every day for an extended period of time is highly likely to make me improve. Even if it's only a modest amount, I'd be happy.

It's not like I am aiming to write books, not yet at least.

It just seems like a good habit to develop.

I also need to protect my exercising time. It should to take precedent over most other tasks and duties in my life.

Without health, I won't be able to work very long anyway.

I think it boils down to chasing the thing that you have good evidence will increase your likelihood of being happier. For me it is time.

I'm chasing that rabbit.

Let's see where it goes.