The point of today's blog post is really simple.

Your personal brand is about YOU... So stop trying to fit in!

The problem with fitting in is that you'll be just like everyone else... And if that is your goal, then cultivating a personal brand is probably not the best use of your energy.

You must be bold and you must be proud to be different... You should always be striving to do what your competition either isn't doing, or isn't WILLING to do.

A personal brand that only echoes what other people are saying will be drowned out by all the other noise. The key is to celebrate your differences and wear them on your sleeve.

Fitting in is the best way to remain invisible, which is the exact opposite of what a great personal brand should be.

So be brave... Talk about ideas that other people aren't discussing. Add a new perspective to the conversation and shout about if from the rooftops.

You're not going to be everybody's cup of tea... But this is a good thing!

Even those who don't agree with you will at least notice you. And that's far better than being overlooked.