Ok, it's quite a provocative title.

But ever since my odd-ball A-level Art teacher said this to me it has stuck.

I keep this in mind whenever I'm designing a logo.

At the start, it's very much about big loose strokes.... Always starting with pen and paper, rough ideas, doodles that could have been produced by a child.

The concept is what matters here.

Try to create something with meaning... Finessing the design comes later in the process.

I also find it useful to leave time to sit and reflect on the design and look at it again with fresh eyes. A couple of days is ideal for this... The subconscious will be working away so that the next time you look at what your work you'll see it differently.

There is ALWAYS something I tweak, change, scrap or re-work.

It helps to think about it like a sculptor. 

Start with a big chisel and don't be precious. You must make a mess before you can make a masterpiece.

Take away the excess crap that isn't needed. Get the good ideas, bad ideas and stupid ideas out at this stage.

Paper is cheap and hands can draw quickly. This part of the process is essential.

Then afterwards, once you've settled on a strong concept or direction, you can go back in with a more delicate hand to enhance and perfect what you have created.

The work I am happiest with tends to happen when I have time to think, develop and refine.

Having a process is important, find one that works for you and explain it to your client.

The right ones will respect you for this and allow you to produce the work that you know you are capable of.