Marketing can seem pretty complicated.

But at its core, it's just showing people something.

We can fine tune our message so that it is geared to speak directly to our target audience, but sometimes... It's just about being there.

Woody Allen said that '80 percent of life is just showing up'... And I reckon that's true.

There's a psychological principle called the mere exposure effect that suggests we know and trust a somebody more because we are exposed to them more often.

There's always going to be a minority of people who are 'early adopters', who are searching to 'be the first'... But until you reach the tipping point and gain broader appeal and recognition, you just need to be seen... Over and over again.

By being visible, you are accountable. You are accessible and you are REAL.

As important as it is to deliver value and provide interesting content, just being there works to some degree too.

A lot of people worry about being too active on social media, they think it will annoy people due to increased familiarity.

Obviously, if you're putting out the same rubbish content all the time, that's not going to work.

But if you show insights into your world, what you do, what you're working on and if you take the time to speak to others about THEIR lives and what THEY'RE working on, this is hugely powerful.

So, in summary. One simple rule for marketing is to actually do it.

Be visible. Put yourself out there and as Sean McCabe from Seanwes would say 'Show up every day'... It works.