At its core, I think having a personal brand is having something to say.

It's having a view on a subject that you can develop and evolve. It allows you to become knowledgeable about something and to be known for this.

Whether you want to work for yourself or remain employed, it is one of the most important assets you can have.

To stand out these days you need to think differently to everybody else. It's a test of bravery at first, but it will give you a focus and 

The opportunity to find and share information is incredible, but in a world where most people are hyper-consuming content as a distraction, YOU can stand out be being a creator.

My advice is to begin cultivating a voice, an opinion and a journey that you are setting out on.

My journey is to create the best logo in the world, or die trying.

This is clearly a ridiculous goal, as there is no way of measuring what is the 'best'. But still, it sets the bar high, and gives me something to constantly strive for.

It puts me on a 'warriors journey' of self-improvement, hard work and passion.

That's the idea at least.

So the one key tip I would give you to help find your 'voice' or 'journey' is to find a way of linking 3 or more areas that you are interested in and interlinking them in a unique way.

The ones I use are design and marketing (obviously), personal branding (and development), and psychology / human behaviour.

These are all areas that I have a strong passion for learning about them. And I've noticed how learning more in one area can enhance my understanding of the others.

THIS is how you stand out as being unique.

THIS is how you form ideas that are your own that can help to get eyes and attention on what you do.

It requires hard work, though. Mixed with a constant pursuit of knowledge and ideas.

Not everyone is going to follow this recipe for creating a personal brand, but the ones who do will see the best results and will find the most exciting opportunities.

I felt I stagnated for at least 3 years at the end of my twenties.

This journal and platform is my reminder to be constantly learning, improving and working.

Maybe it's not for everyone, but it is MY journey after all.