In my natural state, I  tend to view the world quite pessimistically, but this is something I'm working on every day.

It's funny how when you 'just know' something bad is going to happen, it always seems to, doesn't it? 

There won't be a parking space left outside the bank, the client will argue my prices are too expensive, the cat's diahorrea won't have 'firmed up'.

Stuff like that.

You may have a scarcity mindset if any of these sound familiar:

- You feel desperate and directionless
- You compromise on your professional standards
- You feel like there's never enough time in the day
- You say 'yes' to projects that aren't a good fit for you

But how do move from scarcity to abundance?

Well, I may be a bit of a hippy... But I firmly believe that the universe will present you with the same problems (or lessons) until you solve them.

If you hate your job, or your boss, they aren't going to improve or 'go away' while you sit there every day and follow the same patterns of behaviour - It's up to you to change something.

Or if you've got bad relationships; then doing and acting the same way with the same people will likely get you the same results... It's baffling how long it takes us to learn this.

So, to answer the question above, how do you move from scarcity to abundance? I beleive it's through trying new stuff.

Stop doing what's not working, and try something else... You can nearly always go back if it is such a terrible decision, I haven't yet, though.

These can be small changes, it doesn't have to be drastic things like quitting your job. It can be as simple as staring every morning with postivie affirmations. I do this every day, and have done for over 2 years. It's not something I'm going to stop doing either.

Also, confidence and self-belief are learned, but you must want to be taught. The teacher is experience, and it comes by getting close to (and sometimes going past) your comfort zone.

Start with little things. Work on killing the inner voice that plants negative ideas.

If you break a cup, you're not an idiot. You just dropped something... Move on.

And nobody is ever out to purposefully ruin your day, don't allow that thought to enter your head. There are bright spots to be seen every day if you decide to look for them. Work towards being able to ignore the shit stuff, and moving towards the light.

From time to time you WILL step in a massive pile of dog; but somebody told me once that it was supposed to be good luck.

I'm testing that theory at the moment.