It seems like more and more people are coming to me now asking for help creating a personal brand.

From what I've seen there are two different types that you can go for.

Basically, you can either use your own name, or create a persona or character which becomes the face of your brand.

1. Using your own name

Using your own name is the simplest way to go about it.

The brand is about you, so having your own name is a great way to leverage your current friends and contacts contacts who will be able to help you gain exposure in the early stages.

This becomes slightly tricky though if your name is very common, or if you share it with a celebrity / famous person.

You're also going to want to lock down a good URL (eg, etc) and also register the relevant social media channels. So if this is already taken you may want to look at another option.

Something else you may want to do is google your name and see what comes up.

If your images / profiles are prominent, then this is normally a good thing.

It means that when people search for you in future you are likely to be easily found.

With my own name being a highly common Irish name, and also being shared with a reasonably famous author, I chose not to pursue this option. Instead I created a 'persona brand'.

2. Creating a Persona

Think of this as creating a character for yourself.

I could've worked under my own name and called myself Paddy McGrath Logo Designer or something similar, but I thought that would be a bit dull and forgettable.

Another reason you may want to create a persona is if your name is difficult to pronounce or spell.

You have to assume that people will be typing this into google, so having a complicated or difficult name is going to create a barrier to people finding you.

When creating of a persona, try to think of something that you can create a story around.

This will help you to stand out from everyone else who is simply listing the selling their services in the usual dry way.

It's seems counter productive, but selling online is all about not selling.

I always advise my clients to find their 'why'.

Simply put, this means what drives you to do what you do. You can start to tell the story of your brand and your journey so that people can follow your progress.

Over time your audience will begin to learn more and more about you.

Your personal brand is your journey and your story.

If you set this up right, it will grow as you do.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a free consultation call to discuss... Shoot me a message over here.