Have you noticed how difficult it is to focus your attention on anything these days?

Are you overwhelmed by the dizzying blur of ads, pictures, videos and status updates flying past your eyes on social media?

Well, that's how your customer feels. You should try to keep this in mind whenever you are putting a message out there that you them to notice.

To get anyone to respect your message, first, you must show ultimate respect for THEIR time.

If we're being optimistic, you've probably got (at the most) 1 full second to stop anyone in their tracks and entice them to take a second look at your message.

You need to keep your message brief, bold and to the point.

It needs to be visually stimulating. It needs to hit an emotion. It needs to trigger something in them that makes them give a shit.

But what do you do when nobody trusts adverts anymore?

Well, you need to work on building trust BEFORE selling.

Customer service happens BEFORE the sale, not during or after. You need to be there, helping, advising, assisting and sharing your knowledge over and over again, long before anyone is even considering making a purchase.

Another secret weapon you have is the knowledge that even though people no longer trust adverts, they DO trust influencers and they DO trust their friends.

You need to give these people a reason to talk about you to THEIR audience.

- Reach out to influencers and help them with their goals and on their mission.
- Provide amazing customer service; before, during and after the sale.
- Show your audience that the things they care about, matter to you too

Make these habits. Do them without questioning. And do them often.

And I reckon you almost certainly need to post more on social media posts.

I should increase my own frequency by 5X or more. If you post 'too often' and lose a follower or two, so what. They weren't going to buy from you anyway.

Posting more often will mean the people who ARE likely to buy will see you more often. So they'll buy probably sooner and maybe they'll even buy more frequently? The benefits seem to far outweigh the negatives here... If indeed the one I mentioned is even a real negative anyway. It's more of a... 'meh', to me.

I reckon if you've gone and put the effort in to create value for your audience, you need to make sure that this investment isn't wasted. This is a weakness in my game.

From now on I'm going to do what I'm advising YOU to do.

Talk about your stuff more. Be proud to share the value that you're providing.

Do this over and over and over again.

Become more familiar. Become a fixture on peoples' newsfeeds and a regular feature in their day.

This is what successful brands do, no matter how big they are and what resources they have.

They find a way to just be there. And because they are, we buy from them.

That's marketing.