I've been working for myself for over 9 months now and it's evolving quicker than I ever imagined.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't perfect yet... And I am conscious that I need to fix bad habits as soon as they arrive.

The problem though is that you don't know what you don't know.

A friend phoned me this morning to talk life and business and it appears we're both at a bit of a crossroads... Just about to make changes, but are unsure of how and when.

I think it's vital to have friends like this who can understand what you're going through, offer advice and basically just listen.

Sitting and reflecting, talking and monitoring where you are is essential.

This time is only wasted if you don't put anything into action... But before action there should always be deep thinking.

So my thought for today is to take stock of my working life.

Can I make it more efficient? Am I working towards my goal? What even IS my goal?

Talking it through with someone gives you the added dimension of feedback and a more objective outlook.

But make sure you put things into action.

Otherwise you're just going out for a beer and moaning.