I realised the other day that I started this dream of 'making a living designing logos' almost exactly a year ago.

My first order came through on 27th May 2015.

It was the day I put the website live and opened my twitter account.

The first order came from one of the country's leading networking experts, Stefan Thomas (Author of Business Networking for Dummies and Instant Networking) when my opening tweet was retweeted and hyped up by Brad Burton.

It got me thinking about writing my own story and what it could be like to look back on it in years to come.

I'm thinking 'telling stories to grand kids' kind of legacy. Maybe it's time to creating some good stories to tell them then?

Think of your story in terms of the format of most great films.

  1. There's a main character (that's you or your business).
  2. You have an objective, goal or somewhere you want to be.
  3. Then there's an obstacle. There always is... Something that stands in your way and pushes you out of your comfort zone. This is what makes your story interesting.

At the end, you will either succeed or you will fail.

But either way, you'll have a tale to tell.