Really short blog post tonight as it's late and I'm feeling pretty tired.

I thought it might be useful to put a few thoughts together on what a personal brand means to me.

I'm asked about them more and more often, so it makes sense to have some clarity on the issue.

I've heard it said before that your brand is what your customers say about you... So to extend this idea, you could say a personal brand is what people say about you.

It's your reputation, your credibility and your likability, all rolled into one.

People often mistake logos with brands... They're not the same thing.

A logo is simply the visual representation of your brand.

Your brand is what has meaning, a voice and a lasting impression on your customers.

So, your personal brand is like a constant PR game. You're trying to put the best version of yourself out there. Upgrade, improve and evolve.

I've really begun to see the value in creating one for myself now. If you'd like help with yours. Drop me a line.