I go on about John Cleese a lot.

I think I've learned more about the creative process from his videos on YouTube than anywhere else.

This one is my particular favourite. It's pretty old, but the ideas are gold.

One of the key take aways I got is that good ideas simply can't be rushed.

Creativity doesn't thrive in a high pressure environment, so strict deadlines, clock watchers and overbearing clients will not only make you want to reach for the nearest hammer, but they'll make the work suffer too. That's pretty much common sense.

So, I've taken this to it's logical conclusion and have decided to work on slowing the pace of my life down as much as humanly possible.

I've always been one to rush around; not being in the moment. My attention flipping from one thing to another at any given moment.

So now that I can, I'm slowing down.

This morning I purposefully slowed the pace of my walk to work, taking a 'scenic route' to allow myself time in the fresh air to mull over any ideas that were floating in my mind.

Watching everyone rushing around in their tin cars made me feel like I was moving even slower.

I felt a kind of zen like calmness. Urgency was removed and I could pay full attention to the world around me.

And when I got to the studio, I was charged up, refreshed and ready to work.

So, my thought for today is to slow down.

Take your time, let things come to you and try not to chase too much.