I’ve decided that once per week I’m going to tell the story behind one of the logos I've created.

So, this week I am starting with one of my personal favourites... The Social Geeks:

The Social Geeks are a social media management company based in Liverpool. Hayley, the MD is a bit of a Social Media guru... And she has big plans for how the agency will grow. She needed an identity that would match.

The name is distinctive, memorable and catchy… So the foundations are strong.

Hayley came to me with an idea of what she wanted, in fact, she had an existing logo.

The only problem was that it wasn't in keeping with the quality of their work and nowhere near matched her vision.

The obvious solution, given the name was to use geeky style glasses.

And it is a good solution. But it only encapsulates one aspect of what they are about.

The solution

I always believe a simple solution is best, but I wanted to get some personality in there too.

As normal, the idea clicked long after the sketching, researching and brainstorming had finished.

Hidden within the right lens is a subtle speech bubble.

The idea is that you initially see the glasses which obviously represent the geeky aspect of the brand.

But when you look closer, you see the speech bubble which then ties the text and icon together.

This hidden meaning becomes a ‘memory hook’ that will give the viewer a reason to remember it.

That's what branding is all about really, isn't it?