A super quick post tonight.

I wanted to show a little logo I've worked on recently.

As soon as the brief landed I knew it was going to be fun to work on.

The name 'Mucky Cow Cleaning' was crying out for a cheeky and fun logo so I was determined to try and make this one memorable.

Initially I was going to create an udder logo, but in the shape of an M for mucky... That would have been ok I suppose.

But I was walking round Tesco and randomly saw some rubber gloves. (See Instagram Video)

Something clicked in my mind and I knew what I'd do... It's crazy how the sub-conscious does this some times.

That's why I always sit with a design brief for a day or two to allow the ideas to ferment in the brain.

Creativity takes time.

The sub-conscious does nearly all the hard work... If you give it time and space.