At school, some kids put their arm around their work to stop people copying their work.

It's odd, because it really doesn't have any impact on their grade.

It just shows how protective we are of our ideas.

In the world of social media and content marketing though, we need to reframe our thinking and stop being so loss averse.

It's actually holding us back.

I saw a great example of this on Saturday night when talking to the manager of a local craft beer bar.

I was asking him how he felt about a new bar opening up just around the corner.

He got pretty defensive and almost aggressive about the prospect of increased competition.

I said surely this makes the area as a whole more desirable visit.

Patrons of each bar will inevitably try both... It just gives people more of a reason to travel from other local towns... What could be viewed as a problem, is actually an opportunity.

This applies in most other businesses too.

I firmly believe you should network, socialise and share knowledge with people in your industry.

You will push each other to get better and make far stronger connections that can spawn future work, collaborations and even job opportunities.

We're stronger together and we can make the industry we work in and our local communities better by sharing knowledge, best practice and ideas.

So, if you're a designer, don't be a stranger.

Say hello and let's be internet friends :)