Really short post tonight. I promise.

It's a Bank Holiday and I've worked enough for today, so just want to put down a little observation from today.

So, I was sat doing some reading (research) in the pub beer garden earlier. (It's a tough job sometimes)...

But anyway, I heard a different accent amongst the drone of local voices... It was a very familiar one, but not local to the area.

The Geordie voice stood out a mile and got me thinking how easily we are shaped by our environments.

What I mean is, that had that person been born in Liverpool, they'd speak with a Scouse accent, had they been born where I live, in Bolton, they'd sound like Peter Kay.

I ended up daydreaming about how we become a reflection of the people and then environments we are in.

They say you are the average of your 5 closest friends.... And I can see reasoning behind that.

But I also think the culture you consume, the environments you are in also play a huge role.

So if you take the time assess if any of these areas in your life needs work, then surely the implications can be enormous.

Certainly got me thinking, anyways.