Before a fisherman casts off, with a baited hook, aiming to tempt a little fishy to take a nibble, there's an important ritual he must go through.

First he needs to convince some fish to swim in the area he wants to work.

But how does he do this?

Well, this is a technique known as 'feeding your area'... Or at least, that's what we used to call it as kids.

We'd take a little sling-shot, fill it with maggots and launch them across the river/pond/canal/reservoir to where we wanted to fish.

No hook, just a gift for the fishes.

Here fishy-fishy, come get some grub, its FREEEEEEEE!

Then you give it a little time, and chill.

We'd take time to eat some sandwiches and prepare our tackle... So to speak.

When you've got all these things in order, all you need to do is be patient.

Eventually, a fish will confuse the maggot on your hook with the free goodies you had provided and take a little nibble.

You'll feel a tug on the line and after a little struggle, you should have a tasty fish in your hands.

You can already see how this is EXACTLY like marketing, can't you?

A fisherman doesn't just roll up, throw his hook anywhere and hope that something bites.

He knows how fish work.

He knows where they are and what interests them.

He provides this first, expecting nothing in return.

So, have you been feeding your potential client base?

Have you been giving value and building up desire for the benefits you can offer?

If not, now is the time to get started.