Short clip of Russell Brand on the Joe Rogan Experience

If you're not aware of 'The Joe Rogan Experience', basically it is a podcast where the host (Joe Rogan), a stand-up comedian, black belt mixed martial artist, bow-hunter and UFC commentator interviews fascinating humans from all walks of life, with the end goal of putting under-represented ideas and thinking out into the world.

There's talk of spirituality, science, psychedelics, politics, comedy and anything else that grabs his attention.

So, today I was listening to his interview with Russell Brand, who is another human who fascinates me.

Early on in the show Russell said something that hit me hard:

Happiness is where what the world wants meets what you have to provide
— Russell Brand


They may not be HIS words so to speak, but he said them, so he can have the credit (from me).

But regardless of who said it; it's a bloody powerful idea.

Many of us try to find our passion first without thinking if there's anyone out there who wants to buy it.

If you first look for a need that needs to be fulfilled, you're far more likely to be able to sustain a business.

Doing what we want because we want to do it is self-serving, and is fine as a hobby.

If you can find an overlap though, where what you feel compelled to do meets a consumer demand, then not only should your business work, but it should be rewarding and enjoyable too.

So, that's what one line from this podcast got me pondering today.

The whole show is over 3 hours long and is as informative as it is hilarious... I highly recommend giving it a watch.