As a new feature on this 'daily journal', I'm going to be featuring people I know, have worked with or admire who have awesome personal brands... For the first of these, I am featuring Elliot Morrow, a chap I met at a freelancer's networking event in Manchester.

I won't do too much of an intro... I'll let Elliot's answers tell his story. Be sure to read his writing's here and follow him on Twitter... His content is awesome and his output is prolific.

So, let's get stuck in....

1. How would you describe what you do to a stranger? (A stranger who is 12 years old)
I write stories. But these aren't the kind of stories you read before bead. No, no, we're not talking Harry Potter or Captain Underpants here. I write about life. If something happens to me, even if it's just small, I'll write about it. People love stories, kid, always remember that.

2. What does Personal Branding mean to you? (And who should have one)
Personal branding is everything. Anyone can have one, but it's definitely better suited to the creative and business-minded among us. If you write blogs, make films, build businesses, consult startups, speak publicly or do anything similar to that, you need a personal brand.

Without one, how do you expect people to recognise you? Or understand exactly what you offer? It’s tough and it will take time - I’m over a year in to building a personal brand and I’m nowhere near happy with it yet - but I know it’ll be worth the effort if I make smart decisions and work hard.

3. What made you decide to create one?
You need a personal brand so that others can align with what you do and what you stand for. I decided to start the process of creating mine over a year ago. I use the word 'process' purposefully because it's not something you establish and run with overnight. You don't suddenly wake up and "have" a personal brand. It takes a long time and a lot of effort and you're constantly tweaking and tinkering and perfecting. It's going to take me years to be proud of the shop window I'm presenting to the world. I guess it's a good job I'm only 22.

4. What's your superpower that sets you apart from other people?
I’ll work you under the table, that’s my superpower. I picked up a 9-5:30 job in August (freelancing just wasn’t earning me enough money at the time) and the job is great, but 9-5:30 isn’t long enough for me. I write every day, I dedicate as much time as I can to my social media presence (and personal brand) and I generally just don’t spend much time sitting on the couch watching Netflix or playing Xbox. "Work Harder” is my mantra. I just don’t enjoy switching off.

5. What's your 'big mission'? ... Where are you heading?
I think “the big mission” implies an end goal; a point where the mission is complete. I wrote a blog back in June on end goals and I concluded that I don’t really have any. I’ve made it no secret that I have an ambition to run my own business in the future, but I can’t imagine a day where I sit back, admire my work and say “right, there we are then, mission accomplished.” I don’t have a summit, but I’m heading for the top.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Elliot for the insight his insights on personal branding and particularly for telling his own story... There's some real gold in these answers and he's certainly given me food for thought in relation to my own personal brand.

Make sure you read Elliot's writing here and connect with him on Twitter - His output is epic and relentless... I think that's one of my main takeaways from this post :)