It's not always possible, but I love it when a logo or icon can be produced entirely from simple geometric shapes.

There's a kind of beauty to the section where art and mathematics meet... I think that's where I look to when creating symbols. The just appear more harmonious and balanced somehow.

This week I was working on a logo for a healthy fast food company. I wanted an icon that communicated the ideas of both health and being home made.

The solution I came up with was a heart with a leaf to garnish. Healthy hearts... served to you. Or something like that.

So, I started with the heart form, using two circles and a square with a width equal to their diameter.

Luckily I had kept these as outlines, so when I overlapped them I noticed the leaf shape that sat int he centre of the design.

A few quick trims and cuts later and you have a fully formed icon.

The proportions are balanced, the curves flow nicely into each other.

Jobs a good 'un.