This is a really quick post tonight.

Super quick, because I've been working all day and I want a bath. And pizza, I want pizza more than I want the bath. I'm having both for sure. No doubt about that. Try stopping me.

But anyway, what is the one thing every great logo should have?

Well, it's simple. And you'll kick yourself.

It's 'meaning'.

It should bloody mean something.

Basically, if someone says 'Why is your logo like that?' - Then you should have a good answer. One that makes them understand you a bit better. Why you do what you do. How your company came into existance... Something like that.

The point of a logo is to give someone a way to recognise you and remember you.

So don't make it boring.

Don't make it rubbish.

Give them a good reason to talk about you. It's not rocket science.