I've never liked anyone more or bought something from somebody because of the clothes they were wearing. Have you?

The reason I ask is i often get comments about my general 'style' or 'appearance'.

I like to adhere to the modernist mantra 'form follows function'.

I walk a lot, so I wear shorts to keep cool and walking shoes for comfort.

I like to be comfortable when i work, so I wear a t-shirt.

And that's it.

But at networking events, most people tend towards the smarter side of smart casual, or even wear suits.

That's fine, each to their own.

But my view is that if you 'dress to impress' you are using smoke and mirrors somehow.

If my aim is to impress somebody, I'd be much more likely to offer value, advice or even just pay full attention to someone as a human being and listen to what they have to say.

Fancy shoes or trousers aren't a marketing strategy.

I think it's time we stopped pretending they are.