Over the past 12 years or so I've made logos for dozens and dozens of companies.

Large companies, small companies. Near companies, far companies. All different types in all manner of different industries.

Alarm bells always ring though when clients obsess over a certain 'look' that they're after. They seem to know exactly what their logo should look like and what attributes in a logo THEY like.

My job, as the designer is to help guide them to a successful solution. It's not all 'on me' in the same way that it isn't all 'on them'.

A successful logo isn't about aesthetics (or not really), so my first task is normally to educate my client on what is going to be the best strategy for their business.

Nobody gives a shit what your logo looks like

This is one of the things I often tell my clients who have a clearly defined image in their minds of what they think they want (or even need).

In my opinion, the best logos aren't the ones that look the prettiest or coolest.

The best logos, the ones that stand the test of time and stick in peoples' minds, are ones that MEAN SOMETHING.

The problem, though, is that it's far easier to make something 'generic' look pretty than it is to make something have actual meaning.

This is why it's key to start with the right questions.

I start every project with a detailed consultation call where I talk with my clients about their goals and their story.

Our aim is to demonstrate that the brand we are creating can solve a problem for the target customer.

Jim Carrey talks about this... And I paraphrase, but he says something along the lines of 'All you have to do is find the intersection where what you can do meets with what people are looking for... and that's it'.

The BIG mistake people make is guessing the problems that others are trying to solve (or not even solving any problems at all).

My goal is to find out what makes you tick.

My goal is to help you to understand the problems that you solve... Then after that, all I need to do is represent this idea with a simple shape, icon or logo that will MEAN SOMETHING to your customers.

When we get this right, they'll remember you. And that's a job well done.