Well, that sounded a little more harsh than I had intended. Sorry about that.

But let's be honest... With the exception of maybe your parents, everyone else is so wrapped up in their own problems and self interest that they simply don't care so much about you. Do they?

Look, I'm not trying to insult you, or make you feel depressed about a fundamental aspect of human nature... I just wanted to share an idea with you that's all... It's a thought exercise.

Before I start though, I want to say this is not my idea... Far from it. It's the big takeaway that I got from Gary Vee's favourite book (not his best selling, but his personal favourite):

And I never hear anybody talking about it.

They're keeping it to themselves. The rotters!

But worry not, I'll share what little I know with you right now...

How I win work on Twitter (and 2 or 3 other social media channels)

What I want to talk to you about on this post is my strategy for social media.

This idea came to me when I came across the same question time and time again. How do you win work on social media?

The reason people ask me this is because when I'm out networking and get into a 1-2-1, we always tend to quiz each other about our businesses, typical clients etc and where they can be found... And people are always shocked when I say I pick up more than 75% of my business directly or indirectly through twitter.

Many people are achieving far more than this... But for someone very new to the game, with less than a 2k followers, apparently it's not too common.

I basically tell them, nobody really cares what you've got to say, unless it's to them.

Obviously, that's not entirely true. But if you harness this mindset, it means that you can see a very powerful way to look at Twitter.

Now of course, you need to put SOME content out there, but you don't need to worry quite as much as you think.

If you follow the rule to the letter, this strategy could make up 70-80% of your tweets.

It's really simple, and you'll kick yourself, but here it is.

Talk to other people about WHAT THEY TWEETED


Well, it's simple. Humans want validation.

We count retweets and chase likes.

We want to know that people care about us.

How often do you post a picture to Instagram then keep refreshing to see how many people liked it?

No, me either. *winkface*

People want to know they are relevant, so one of the best gifts you can give is to truly make them feel that. This is the gateway to better conversations.

The emphasis here is on being genuine. If you aren't, then you'll get caught pretty quick. People aren't daft, they can sniff a rat.

An exercise to try...

Give yourself 20 minutes.

Refresh your twitter feed and go back in time no further than 5 minutes.

Now try to start genuine conversations with people who have just tweeted.

If there are no obvious leads into a conversation, go back another 5 minutes, but no further... We want to find people who are currently active and able to have a conversation.

You could be looking for people who are sharing something positive that you can talk to them about.

Or maybe people who are annoyed about something... Allow them to vent, then continue the conversation.

You'll find your own ways that you are comfortable with. Just be yourself. And be nice. Care about what they have shared. It was a gift, now give them one back.

If you do this consistently, and genuinely, then the work will come.

Basically, make friends with people. Be positive, be helpful, be kind and be funny if you can be.

Just be a good human. You'll stand out.

Be a listener in a world of talkers. 

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