This morning I got an email newsletter from a guy who I've been subscribed to for over 18 months. I always read his stuff but had never actually bought anything from him... Until today, that is.

I bought because It was promoting a product that solved a particular problem I was facing... Starting my own email newsletter.

I'd received a number of emails from him over the past week or two promoting the product and had been interested... But clearly not interested enough to push me to buy.

This morning, though, I made the purchase... This was all down to repeated exposure.

I already trusted him because of the value he'd consistently delivered to my inbox.

As well as buying something that will hopefully push my business forward, I learned a valuable lesson... The sales cycle can take a bloody long time, so don't give up with your content. They'll buy when THEY are ready... Not necessarily when YOU want them to.

Had he only sent me just one email, I doubt he'd have got the sale.

But because he gave me lots of little nudges over a two week period I was primed and hungry for what he was offering.

So now that I've purchased his course, I'm going to be re-booting my own email newsletter next week.

I'll be sending actionable marketing and personal branding tips every week. Things that I use for myself and my clients that I know work.

They won't be appearing on this blog, so if you want to be part of my 'inner circle', you'll have to sign up for it here.