Ultra short post tonight.

Some of the most inspiring people I have met recently have been starting their first businesses after the age of 40.

They think it's a disadvantage, but I think it's totally the opposite.

Gary V puts it far better than I can ever could:

The opportunities that social media and the current state of the internet offer us are available to everyone.

It's likely that we going to live longer (and work longer) than any generation that proceeded us... And that's a good thing.

So, we must be patient.

If you have a goal... Write it down.

Think about the steps it's going to take to get there, and try to make a tiny amount of progress every day.

Regardless of if you reach it or not, I reckon that having a purpose is more important than 'success' anyways.

Having a reason to do what you do, that serves you and not somebody else is pretty powerful.

So you just need to decide what you want, and if you want it enough to put the work in to achieve it.