As humans, we're hard-wired to be social. We are stronger together and we actively seek groups, community and the togetherness that comes when we form bonds with others. This is a powerful idea to bear in mind when you are marketing your products and services.

One way I've been using this idea recently is on Snapchat, but it can very easily be adapted to work on other platforms or even offline too.

Get them in your Inner Circle

For this post I'm going to assume that you understand the basics of how Snapchat works... For example how to add people and the concept of 'stories' and how you share content. If you don't know that stuff, check this video first.

So, this is what I do...

1. Whenever someone follows me I send them a message thanking them and introducing myself (This tip is gold, not many people do it, so if you do only this, you will stand out).

2. If they respond and seem friendly, I offer to include them in my 'inner circle' where I show exclusive content that doesn't appear on my regular story... This is usually things I'm working on, sketches, wireframes and idea development for my actual logo work.

3. For the people who are interested, I add a unique emoji to their name (click on their profile and click 'Edit name' - I use the 'lightning bolt' as it's very similar to my own logo :)

4. Whenever I send the 'exclusive content' to my inner circle, I simply go through my contacts list and send it to the people who have the unique emoji next to their name... As an advanced tip, you can even search for this emoji, and it will bring up all the people in one go.

What are the benefits of this?

There are two big reasons why I think this is a great tactic. The first is that it strengthens the bond between you and your audience. They feel they're getting exclusive content and it also makes them more likely to watch and engage with the rest of your content.

The second benefit is that it shows you who is interested in what you have to do. You can monitor who is looking at your stuff, taking an interest and talking back to you. This will help you to create a list of people who you should be talking to about their content too.

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