Today in Britain it was a public holiday.

People celebrate not having to go into work by going to retail parks and buying barbecues before getting angry and rushing home before the rain starts pouring down.

In my head that's what they were doing anyway.

I've been at home working all day, and it's actually been a really nice day.

I've made good progress on two projects, had a pretty exciting call this morning about a project I'm about to get started on and I've even managed to have a little walk in the sunshine for an hour or so. Can't complain at all.

The simple fact is when you have, or are starting your own business you have to make sacrifices. By this I mean, work near enough every day.

So today while the missus was out drinking cocktails in the sun with some friends of ours, I was sat at the laptop (and later in the garden with a sketchbook) building my dream future.

I'd have loved to have joined them, but the reality of where I'm at now means that decision would have been irresponsible.

I firmly believe in creating a working life that means you don't feel the need to escape from it. Not dreading Mondays and counting down the days until a holiday. That's where I want to be.

Maybe it's not for everyone, and I know some of my closer friends don't understand the decisions I am making.

But if feels right to me at the moment.

I'm planning my work and working my plan.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and I can't wait.

How was your Bank Holiday?