I've been wondering recently... Should a logo move?

I'm beginning to think yes, it probably should.

Last year Google unveiled their new identity, which included some awesome little animations showing the user what is currently happening on their screen.

The key here is that the movement ADDS to the experience. It's not fluff, or just there for show. Check this video out to see what I mean.

It got me thinking; if your logo is primarily viewed on screens, then why would you design it to be static?

That's taking the restrictions of yesterday's platforms and applying it to today's challenges.

People don't just see your brand on business cards and flyers these days... They'll likely find you online first, it's time to start making this a primary concern.

Images appeal to us more than text and videos appeal to us more than images.

When marketing, our first challenge is to capture attention. Movement is being an increasingly accessible tool to help us do this.

An animated logo will add another layer of personality and a new dimension to your brand.

It can make people stop and take a second look. That's a pretty exciting idea.

Now I don't think that animation should be used to mask a poorly designed logo, it must add another layer of meaning to justify the investment.

But when done well, it can help to strengthen the bond between your brand and your audience.

If you'd like to talk about using motion graphics and animation to tell your brand story, fill in my contact form and we can set up a no obligation consultation call.