My wife's ex-boss needed some help with probably the geekiest project I'll ever work on.

We're talking grown-ass-men playing Games Workshop into their 50s and making a podcast about it, level geekiness... So yeah, I wasn't kidding.

As I always do, I tried to immerse myself in the project.

I read some forums, listened to some similar podcasts and tried to get a good understanding of the types of people who are into this stuff.

It had to feel like it belonged in the community... It wouldn't gain traction otherwise.

So, The Grognard Files... What does it mean?

Well, a Grognard is an older gamer, who has been playing since the golden days back in the late 70s / early 80s.

He has a grumpy demeanour and doesn't like change... That's it in a nutshell.

So, the host of the Podcast, calls himself 'Dirk the Dice'.

He's basically the boss of the game. It's he who rolls the dice and dictates how the game pans out... He in effect decides the fate of everyone involved.

It's a powerful role.

I wanted to create a weird Gamesmaster type character, with multiple faces to representing the characters in the game...

The style is like a teenage boy might draw on the back of his homework diary, with hand made, DIY Letraset-style typography.

It's been applied to stickers, badges, dice bags and probably even a tin-lunchbox somewhere along the way.

Projects like these, with real soul, and a proper story are what make me love doing this job.

Calling all you geeks... Let's work on something ace.