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One of the first winners of this was a cool chap called Simon Allen. He was starting a garden maintenance business, and knew that he needed a strong identity to help get noticed.

Simon wanted to target affluent residents in the towns and villages near where he lived.

He was clear that the logo should be modern, simple and iconic - Just how I like to design them.

The four leaf clover design has obvious positive connotations, and hidden in the centre of the design, within the negative space, is a star shape which appears to be glinting in the sun.

I wanted the viewer to think of their garden as an extra room in their home, and to associate Simon Allen Garden Maintenance as an aspirational lifestyle service that can add value to their life.

When designing a logo it's key to think about aspirations of the target customer.

Consider how old they are, which shops they visit, what car they would typically drive and what brands they like to associate with.

By doing this you are building up a picture of what will appeal to them.

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