Regular listeners will recall that I spoke at a Personal Branding seminar in London earlier this year. Irregular ones won't.

Well, as it turns out, this is another job that came as a result of that gig.

Elly is the better half of Neil, who I created the 999 Baker logo for.

She was looking to create a strong identity for her beauty brand - initially concentrating on the false eyelashes market, but with the potential to expand into other areas.


Meaning 'beautiful' or 'elegant' in Arabic, we wanted to position Rana as a sophisticated and aspirational lifestyle brand.

The logo must reproduce well on very small packaging, so a subtle and elegant type treatment seemed like the best solution - The bespoke flourish on the 'N' mimics the flick of an eyelash.

In this case, simple is best. It suggests confidence, a sense of direction and an understanding of what the audience expects.

I'll be working closely with Elly to roll out the branding on both packaging and across all digital channels.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates ;)